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THE UNBORN is tedious

Anyone who knows me knows that I love movies.  There is rarely a movie I see that I can’t find some entertainment out of.  So when I report that a movie is tedious, predictable, and seriously lacking in any ability to entertain, it is truly a sad moment.

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Obama means taxes will go up…

I wanted to repost a little snippet of a newsletter that I receive on taxes, so that everyone can see what an Obama administration REALLY means (i.e. the effect it has on your wallet):

Here are just a few of the things you’ll want to stay on top of:

·        Barack Obama has called for greater financial sector oversight via creation of a financial market oversight commission to oversee liquidity, capital and disclosure requirements.

·        He wants to streamline regulatory agencies to prevent overlap.

·        He is looking for a greater role of SEC in preventing market manipulation.

NOTE:  Bottomline, more government. The SEC is a huge powerhouse and sometimes just doesn’t make a lot of sense in their regulations.  More power here could make it much tougher for entrepreneurial start-ups to raise capital.  There’s an opportunity here.

·        A ninety-day moratorium on home foreclosures and modification of bankruptcy laws.

NOTE:  The mucking about Congress has done in the foreclosure process has created even more abandoned homes sitting around.  Banks are not moving ahead with short sales because they don’t know what the next program is going to look like.  Meanwhile, homeowners have just given up and moved on.  There’s an opportunity here.

That’s just a few of the things that have been discussed.  There is also the increase in capital gains tax, increased tax on dividends, no caps on Social Security tax (meaning a whole lot more payroll tax), loss of 401(k) deductibility, and increase to 39.6% for the federal income tax rate.  Plus, don’t forget in 2010 we lose all the current estate tax laws and revert to a much more expensive program.

The talk is that this will only affect the rich.  The problem is that “rich” keeps getting defined downward.  Right now, if you’re making over $150,000 per year you are about to get thrown under the bus for huge tax increases.  (Congratulations!  You’re now rich!)

All of this is prediction. We don’t know what will happen and when it will happen.  For you, the question is, “Are you prepared?”

It’s not just between Candidate X and Y…

I recently talked with someone whose opinions I respect the other day, and he said something that disturbs me. He said you need to vote for candidate X because a vote for anyone else but candidate Y is really a vote for candidate Y (names withheld to protect the innocent). He meant to say that voting for candidate A, B, C, or Z will really support candidate Y because they won’t be votes for candidate X. (Sounds complicated without the names, but if you read it carefully, you can see what I mean.) I maybe naive, but a vote for candidate A, B, C, or Z is precisely that…a vote for candidate A, B, C or Z. It’s not wasted; no vote is ever wasted.  And it is not a proxy vote for candidate Y.

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Don’t vote Republican OR Democrat!

Please people! Let’s get some REAL change going! Don’t vote Republican or Democrat this election…vote for some other party! There’s Green, Independent, Libertarian and Constitutional parties with qualified candidates out there! Just imagine if one of these candidates made it to the White House…the whole world wouldn’t know what to do with itself!

You won’t be wasting your vote…and when the next President starts screwing things up (as you know they will) you can say, “Hey, I voted Green” or “I voted Libertarian.” I know it’s a long shot, but the only way we will see true change in this country is if every eligible voter participates and kicks out the same old parties from the White House.

First stop White House, next stop Congress!

There is no such thing as change in a U.S. Election

I’m tired of the word “Change.”  Both the Democratic and Republican candidates for President both claim to have the secret potion for “Change.”  Yet nothing will change come November, nor when the next President is sworn into office.  Why?  Because a vote for a Republican or a Democrat is not change; it’s more of the same thing.

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A non-Democrat Hispanic! Yay!

Finally!  A hispanic columnist who gets the Democratic party and what they stand for!  Or maybe ALL the things they stand for, because they are full of contradictions these days.  Just what exactly does Obama-Biden stand for?  Can anyone pin it down?

CNN Article by Ruben Navarrette Jr.

Concealed Handgun Carry Course

This weekend I took the Concealed Carry course required by the State of New Mexico to obtain a permit to carry concealed.  I must say it was an eye-opening experience.  Before I went into the class, I thought 16 hours of instruction time was going to be too much.  I now know that it was not nearly enough.

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Little Man is almost two years old

Wow.  Alex is almost two.  I don’t write very much these days, mostly because I am distracted by other things, but it’s amazing to me that a sperm and an egg that got together almost three years ago can now talk, walk, move things, point, cry, yell, scream, squeal, smile, pout, and just generally bring great frustration and great joy into my life.  When people say they grow up so fast,  you better believe they weren’t kidding.

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REVIEW: Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

Indiana Jones has been and will always be about the supernatural. George Lucas, who pretty much directs the character’s existence, has declared as much to be true. The supernatural leaves all kinds of things open for Indy to explore and/or be affected by, and some things in the supernatural world won’t sit well with fans who have their own ideas for what Indy should pursue. CRYSTAL SKULL is such a movie, where some will hate it and some will love it. Personally, and for the most part, I loved it.

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Man, this was a testosterone flick. A real dick flick. Guns, explosions, boobs, blood, everything you would want from a guy flick, it’s all here. And just in time for the holiday season.

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